Make product and service choices with compatibility-driven product selection. Implement cybersecurity, privacy, and AI governance efficiently and securely.


  • Use our interface to find relevant security services.

  • Filter by solution category, target market, and integrations.

  • Free and easy access to connect with solutions without pressure.

  • Access our team to help you find relevant services!

  • Provide us with your requirements and preferences, and we do the research.

  • Use our generated report with all relevant technical solutions to present to management.

  • With consulting, we will provide a custom experience for your organization.

  • Utilize our experts and consultants to perform a deep dive for your organization.

  • We will facilitate the process with your team and outside solutions.

Self Service
High Value
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  • No upfront costs for clients or providers!

  • No subscription fees for clients or providers!

  • The provider pays for the referral at a competitive rate.

  • The client only pays for the cost of the services!



  • For a limited time only, we are offering concierge for free!

  • The client is given a report with 3 proposed solutions to the problem.

  • The client is given 2 revisions to the proposed solutions.

  • Provider only pays for the referral fee.


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  • Consulting is available as a contracted service for clients and providers.

  • We use a combination of internal and external expertise.

  • The rate for consulting is to be determined based on the size and scope of the task.

  • Please contact us for more information.

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Daniel O'Neil

Co-founder & CEO

Paul Starrett

Co-Founder & COO

Our Advisors

Victor Chang


Steve Wu


Our Vision

Our vision is grounded in a sincere commitment to make a real difference in the business world. We understand the challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face in adopting advanced technology. Our goal is to break down these barriers, making it easier and more affordable for these companies to access the latest in cybersecurity, privacy, compliance, and AI. We're not just about bringing products to market; we're about understanding the needs of our customers and meeting them where they are.
By focusing on practical, impactful solutions, we aim to genuinely improve the market, ensuring that every business, regardless of its size, has the tools it needs to thrive in today's digital landscape. This is more than just our mission; it's our promise to be a force for positive change.
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PrivacyLabs is a cybersecurity, privacy, and AI Marketplace startup. PrivacyLabs is a company that identifies cybersecurity, privacy, and AI solutions for small to large businesses. We focus on providing an easy-to-use platform for businesses to find the best solutions for their technical needs, without marketing or sales teams.

PrivacyLabs uses advanced AI technology and product knowledge to identify the best solutions for your requirements. We have done extensive development on creating an Ensemble Model with LLMs (Large Language Models) that can answer complex questions about cybersecurity, privacy, and AI solutions.

PrivacyLabs has a self-service portal for product and service companies. We refer to those who provide cybersecurity, privacy, and AI solutions to clients as "Providers".

PrivacyLabs works on a referral model to match clients with solutions. PrivacyLabs only makes money when a client purchases a solution. The refferal fee is paid by the provider.

Yes! PrivacyLabs is structured to help clients, and therefore charges the same percentage regardless of which solution is purchased. We focus on algorithms to help clients find the best solution for their needs, not marketing budgets or sales teams. If you would like to learn more about how we adjust our model to account for bias, please contact us.

PrivacyLabs will perform consulting to help clients identify constraints and requirements for their solution searches, then provide suggested solutions. PrivacyLabs also can work alongside consulting firms to augment their research and expertise.

PrivacyLabs is designed for small to large businesses. Our self service model is perfect for small teams. We hope to encourage lower price point alternatives from providers for small clients by lowering the marketing costs and cost of aquisition for providers to accept smaller clients.

Yes! PrivacyLabs as a small startup understands the difficulty of startups. We provide services for small companies and we provide a platform for small cybersecurity, privacy, and AI startups to find clients.

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