Our Approach

We are a privacy, data-protection and compliance technology firm specializing in the use of conventional and cutting-edge solutions. We leverage just the right balance of policy advisors, domain specialists and technologists to provide unrivaled coherence in compliance.  “Working smart” in compliance involves a combined, risk-based assessment across what we refer to as the three pillars of compliance: Policy, Data and Controls. Keeping this process simple and understandable provides clarity and clarity brings coherence. In this way, defensible compliance is maximized while reducing timelines and costs. Whether for privacy, data protection or other compliance need, we maintain very competitive expertise across these three pillars. 


Laws, regulations, procedures, contracts


Moving, stored, structured, unstructured, etc.


Security, solution architecture, etc.

A Synergy of Services

We find that there are certain services that are most valuable in the modern-compliance ecosystem. We refer to them as Unify, Automate, Secure and Audit. While services are offered individually, a risk-based analysis finds a synergy when services are leveraged in combination.


Focus teams and resources for smart and efficient execution


Automate tasks to free up staff and reduce human error


Establish trust with your customers and business partners


Efficiently maintain your investment in coherent controls


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