Here's how we can help you!

We offer all services necessary for privacy, data protection and other compliance paradigms. We specialize in the delivery of cutting-edge technology solutions at very competitive rates. We focus in all areas that accommodate the modern digital ecosystem. We describe these services as the following categories: Unify, Automate, Secure and Audit.


Planning and ongoing management of a comprehensive compliance program is best executed in platforms built for this purpose. PrivacyLabs has partnered with all major platform providers for maximum resource-efficiency. We work with certified policy providers and technologists to deliver:

  • Compliance-readiness assessments
  • Regulatory framework workflows
  • Data lineage and data-flow diagrams
  • Third-party and vendor-risk assessments
  • Assimilation of compliance frameworks such as those found in cybersecurity, cloud management and IoT

Use of software solutions and artificial intelligence provides safe and predictable execution of tasks that would incur far more expense and error if performed manually. PrivacyLabs is particularly well-placed to provide these capabilities to include:

  • Automated integration of privacy and data-protection tools to include triggering and execution of tasks, notifications, sequencing of simple processes, etc. 
  • Data scans of systems and repositories
  • Machine learning to identify and track sensitive, critical and private data
  • Machine learning to link like records to avoid duplication and to increase data quality
  • Identification and possible later removal of redundant, trivial and useless data



Security is arguably the most important single risk any organization has. PrivacyLabs can advise on and deliver services related to:

  • Protection of endpoints, mobile devices, email and social media (e.g. DLP)
  • Application security (e.g. OWASP, SAST / DAST, SCA, RASP, WAF, etc.)
  • Cloud security (e.g. CSPM, CASB, CWPP, SCAPE, etc.) 
  • SIEM and log-based analysis
  • Move to serverless computing and container-based microservices (e.g. Kubernetes, Docker, Lambda, etc.) for decreased threat landscape
  • Machine learning approaches to identify and mitigate most threat risks

PrivacyLabs is in a unique position to audit any environment in areas where we offer services especially when audited in combination (which is far more often the case). While we maintain resources to audit environments around most frameworks, we are particularly well-suited to audit:

  • Application security to include OWASP, SAST / DAST, RASP, WAF, serverless environments, etc.
  • All major cloud-security frameworks
  • Cybersecurity (e.g. NIST, ISO, SOC 1 / 2, etc.)
  • Privacy and data protection laws, e.g. GDPR, CCPA and other international and state laws
  • Interpretability, explainability, bias, fairness and efficacy of machine learning applications. We leverage auditing and assessment tools to include global and local interpretability and model-specific and model-agnostic approaches.